Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Great Day at Church

Good afternoon!! 

Today is a great day!
Daniel didnt get home from work till around 5am. 
But it was a great shift for him (and the family). 
The kids got a bath this morning and I actually straightened my hair. 
Im not in a formal writing mood as I havent had much sleep haha but Im doing my best. :)

We got to church today YAY
Brook practically jumped out of my arms to get down and go play in the nursery!
Tyler's teacher was a bit late so he had to go sit with the 3 year olds while he waited on her.
Tyler got a letter from his teacher though!!! It says: "You made Primary even better today ... we are so happy to see your smiling face! Have a great week!"
Gospel Principles was good, other than Korie projectile vomiting water all over Daniel. 
Relief Society was great!!!! I got Korie to sleep after she sang opening hymn with us haha it was cute :) 
I got a new book and it was a great message today. 

Pictures to come this afternoon, my phone died and thats where they are haha

-Heather Page

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Taste of Pollen

Well the day is coming to an end. Daniel had a good first day of work, and the kids and I had an interesting day here at home.
To start off with Daniel leaving at 3:15am and the girls waking up at 4am. OH BOY WAS IT A LONG DAY HAHA! I vacummed the rug at 5:30am and was ready for bed already. So after I cleaned for a little bit Tyler woke up at 6am. YAY! Brooklyn chewed the nipple off of two bottles, so she is getting weaned ASAP!
I got Tyler started on Daniel's computer and he was playing games as he loves to do. The girls went down for a nap, and did I nap? YOU BET I DID! It may only have been for 34 minutes before Daniel called me but hey it was more than nothing. So Tyler and I went outside and played a little and I took some pictures.
And this is where the title comes from. I will just share some pics I took and call it a night and cuddle up with my blankets and pillow since Daniel is already asleep ;)

I just love how this shows how Family (no matter the species or blood connection) works together

I have dreamed of getting a picture like this since I was young!

and yet another

Have I mentioned IM ALLERGIC TO BEES?!?!

And lastly here is an Arizona wildflower that you can see everywhere here!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It' been awhile, a lot has happened

Well here I am again writing down my thoughts and feelings. For what reason? Hopefully to keep family/friends updated, hopefully to get advice from other moms, and to strengthen my faith in our Heavenly Father.

Since I wrote last::

  • Daniel got laid off
  • The kids and I moved to Phoenix Arizona
  • We went to church for the first time in over a year
  • Daniel got another job (starts soon) and continues to go to school and maintain his 4.0 GPA
  • Korie is trying to walk and cut her first tooth
  • Brooklyn is refusing to sleep in her bed, just wants to be in Tyler's 
  • Tyler is learning that there are consequences for his actions (got his video game taken away for being rude and getting up at 1am to play it and woke the girls up till 4am)
  • The kids met their cousins (Daniels brother Nile's kids Kylee and Kayden)

Lets start off with Daniel getting laid off. He called me two days before leaving Arizona to come get the kids and myself in Texas and said I have really bad news. I thought to myself, "Oh no, what could go wrong?" ohhhh nothing but one of the worst things. He said "my boss just told me that his dad said he had to let me go" and proceeded to tell me how the boss' son got to stay and that "he's really sorry."
I wanted to cry, how were we going to make it with three kids and the both of us? Well I prayed prayed and prayed some more. I didn't get a clear answer other than the bible verse "pray about everything, worry about nothing" -Philippians 4:6.
So without too much worry he headed to Texas, before even getting out of Arizona he needed an oil change, that cost $50 more than expected. And half way here he called saying "babe, the truck is doing it again" meaning not even a full year before we put in over $4000 in the truck to fix the spark plugs, o2 sensors, and much more. He finished driving the whole 16 hour drive in one night and got to my parents house at 8am. He took a couple hour nap and off to Firestone we went. We went there the year prior to get all of the work i had mentioned done. They said that nothing was the same as the year prior and that we would have to pay $900 for the labor, parts, and fluids. Did i mention he got an oil change done right before he got out of AZ?!? Well looking at the receipt I found out that IT WAS FOR ALL THE SAME STUFF!!! We spent 4 hours at Firestone, Sonic was right next door (and I used 4 coupons for our lunch and the total for all 4 of us to eat, including drinks, was $8.13) yay me haha.
We left firestone, went to U-haul where we had reservations to get our trailer to pull behind the truck at 3pm. We get there, the kids are all asleep in the back seat, so Daniel goes in alone. he comes out about 45 minutes later, Im bored and tired of being in the truck at this point and he said "well do you remember me getting a ticket in Killeen using a big U-haul truck?"I said "no we used a big truck for about 5 hours one time and we returned it in the same condition and inside their fence."
Well here comes another obstacle in our move. They wanted $40 for a parking ticket that was issued to them, but since Daniel was the last renter they blocked his name, 3 YEARS LATER!!!!! Seriously, is this really happening to us?!?!
Yes of course it is. But no worries right? Our faith and marriage was being tested BIG TIME!
We drove to the main office in the city, found out they couldn't do anything for us, drove back to the building that we had the reservation at, and paid the fee, and paid the rental for the trailer.
Incase you have lost track of time, its after dinner time by now.
We drove 2 miles to my parents house, trailed being pulled. I open the trailer and to my surprise, ITD FILTHY DIRTY!!!! I mean, mud, dirt, used band-aid, broken tote, paper, remains of a water hose possibly, and just plain nastiness.

 I was furious, I took pictures of every inch, and took a picture of the mess with me holding our contract in front of it. I was not going to be blamed for this disaster by any means. I then proceeded to call customer service. The lady was super nice and said "ma'am go ahead and clean it and then when you drop it off tell them of the problem, and I am putting a note on your contract that you have called me about this issue. And if they do not satisfy your requests then call back and we will file a cooperate complaint." I was happy with that. It took me about a half hour to clean the trailer while Daniel watched the kids and finished packing the remaining small stuff.
By the time that we finished packing and my parents brought us Burger King it was well after 8pm. Bedtime for the kids, and both of us have had enough of the troubles. This was not our first big move so this wasn't new to us, just the stress was NOT there with the first 2 big moves.
We went to Hillsboro and stayed at the Motel 6, AMAZING HOTEL AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!! We were just too tired to go anymore, and was going to stop in Killeen anyway since we were stopping to see Sophie (my step daughter).
This is Sophie (I was waiting to introduce her till now)
She just turned 6 today!!!!

We get up early that morning and head to breakfast and then to Killeen, after driving two hours there and five hours of trying to get the arrangements to see her we drive on post and see her.
Before we left Killen Daddy got Tyler a late Christmas present.... 
A NITENDO DS!!!! (this kept him occupied all the way to Arizona!)

We leave Ft. Hood/Killeen and are on our way. Daniel and I talk about how we know that this is all a test of our faith and marriage and how the devil is trying to do his best to make us not be together.
As soon as we talk about that and the kids fall asleep after screaming and crying for a good 20 minutes we see a rainbow. A GREAT SIGN FROM GOD THAT HE IS ALWAYS THERE!
We ended up going all the way out to Ft. Stockton TX. Yet again we stayed at another amazing Motel 6!! It was sooo cold outside and we were under a "winter weather advisory" and had ice everywhere!
We got up uber early and packed up the kids and went down to the truck. What other obstacle could happen at a hotel? I LOCKED THE KEY IN THE ROOM!!! Oh brother! Yes, we are off to another bad start, but I get it all worked out and everything was better. We checked out, got gas and was on the road again. We make it about 150 miles and still ice, we hit black ice three times and proclaimed one more time we were pulling over, so we went to a McDonalds and let the kids play while the sun melted the ice and they released some energy. It just wasnt safe as it was raining and the rain turned into ice before the wipers could get it off!

  Left there and was on our way, no more storm, and we made it to Phoenix!!!!! yay!!! 
Here is Tyler standing in front of the mountain.

Here are some pictures from Phoenix so far!!

This is Tyler's chicken: Ugly

Tyler loves running around 

Brook begs to go outside

The wild flowers are beautiful!!

So this is until next time (hopefully tomorrow haha) 
Heather Page

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last Can Of Spaghettios

Well Sunday, the 5th (how ironic 5 is my favorite number) is the last day that bad habits inhibit my life.
No more late night eatings, no more soda, no more blah habits!
I have made a "vow" to my husband that we need to eat healthier and start taking care of our bodies better. After being pregnant 4 times it is time for me to "take my body back" haha.
We are not going on a diet, we are not joining a gym, and we are by no means starving ourselves.
I will not go to extremes to have a skinny body again, but oh boy it would be nice to lose about 40lbs.
Here is an insight (and yet another journey that you are on with me) =)
This is before Tyler came about::
Back in the day I wasn't worried about what I ate, when I ate it really. I played volleyball regularly and was very active in tech theatre. 
This is me pregnant with Tyler::

I did not get any pictures of me saved that I can find when I was pregnant with the twins. (and yes I was showing pretty good haha) This picture was taken literally not even more than a week after losing them when we went and visited family in Ohio, which was a pre-planned trip before losing them. 

7 months later, I got pregnant with Brooklyn. 

Not even 2 months later, we find out we are expecting another baby. 

And here we are 10 months later. 

Here's to the future, and a healthier me. =)

and just for giggles here is Tyler 2 years ago with his can of spaghettios ;)

till tomorrow
Heather Page

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Start This Off With A Bang

Nothing says hello to the blogging world better than introducing my family, life, and trials.
So to start off:: I'M HEATHER!!!!! 
Yep, that's me. Im 23. 
I have a son from a previous relationship. He's 4 years old, and as smart as can be! 
Meet Tyler!!!!
Next life brought Tyler and I my now husband. He was born and raised LDS, and has become  my other half. =)
Meet Daniel!!!

After getting married in December of 2008 and I was baptized as a member 4 days after being married, we found out we were pregnant with twins (he was deployed to Iraq at the time with the US Army. And had just went back after his R&R when we found out) We lost them February 8th. I had to have an emergency surgery to remove them. =( 
Everything went down hill from there. Daniel and I lost sight of why we fell in love and we couldn't grasp hold of reality and things happened that tore us apart. We were separated for 6 month before we could even talk about what had happend. He returned home safely from Iraq and I was working in the same town as my parents lived in the meantime. Finally 6 months after saying things were unforgivable we were back as a happy family. 
We had our first daughter together. 
Meet Brooklyn!!!!!
Brooklyn was definitely a surprise, but nothing compared to what was happening next.
Daniel was preparing to deploy to Iraq for his 3rd time. He went to his month long training and 3 weeks after he returned GOD BLESSED US WITH ANOTHER BUNDLE OF JOY!!!! Totally unexpected as to we were taking precautions not to have another baby just yet. 
Meet Korie!!!!
Shortly after finding out we were pregnant again Daniel got out of the Army and we made our journey to Ohio (where I grew up). We stayed with family, friends, and ultimately ended up living out of our truck for a couple nights before The Red Cross paid for us to stay in a motel for a week. After leaving the motel another family member opened her home to us, but we knew it was just not working out in Ohio for us. So back to Texas we went with the help of my mom and step dad. 
After Korie was born, yet again the devil had a hand in another separation. Without going into details as they are not important anymore, I thought we were over for good this time. Daniel went to Arizona, and the kids and I stayed in Texas. 
A lot has happened over the last 7 and a half months and I realized that God has helped Daniel become the father, husband, and son of God he has always longed to be. =)

We are starting our journey within the next couple of weeks to become a family again and move to ARIZONA!!!! yay!!! 
God has played a huge role in our family and he will always be the foundation to this Page Family!!!!! 

We have been through so much together and I have come to the conclusion that NOTHING OR NOBODY will bring us down, God brought this family together and together we will be.
I can't wait to be back in my husband arms, and back in the church again where we belong.

(any hints, tips, or just comments are appreciated)

Heather Page